Saturday, December 17, 2005


Hello~^^ How are you??

I want yo talk about snow today.

I love snow very much and I don't have a reason about it.
Snowing is very beautiful, but on the other hand a lot of snow causes many problems.
For example, plane or train, common trasportations cannot move and hane to be stopped.
Sometiomes, snoe kills people. Like these, people are disgusted by snow.

However in my case, I don't have a experience with too much snow in my home town.
I live in Kyoto and my town is near Nara, so it is rarely snowing here.

I heard that this winter will be warmer than last one, but actually it was earlier snowing than last year. Also, it had already snown many times.☆

I don't like cold but, I like snowing, the agrden covered with snow, walking on the snow, cloudy before snowing......
I become very exciting♪ I forget the time passing while I watch the snowing.

Do you lije snow?? or not...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Basketball game in SIGA prefecture!!!

Hi^-^ how are you???
I went to Siga from 12/2 to 12/4 for the basketball game.
This time, 2 girl's teams and 2 boy's teams joined the tournament from my circle.
I was in a "MAXIMUM A" team. (MAXIMUM is the name of my circle.)

The day before the day that we left for Siga, suddenly one of my team mate said she couldn't go with us because of illness. She was a one of the starting member, so I was afraid about the game.

First day, both of girl's team won all 3 games, but the secound day, our team lost the last game so we won 3rd prize. However, the other girl's team "MAXIMUM B" won the 1st prize!!!
Unfortunatelly, one of boy's team won 7th prize, but the other one won 2nd prize^-^☆☆☆

Though my team lost last game, I enjoyed the time in Siga very much!!
I went to country side and the firtst day I saw very very beautiful rainbow from the bus☆ There was perfect rainbow not the part of it but all complete rainbow!! I was so happy to see it.^^
I thought the rainbow cheer up us for the game.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Do you have....??

Do you have a important person??

You might imagine your family, frieends, lover and so on.
It is usual that you spend a time to work, study, go shopping, talk with your friends, laugh, sleep, cry.....★☆★

On the other hand, sometimes people commit a suicide and kill other people easily. I cannot believe that and how terrible they are. Sometimes people think " I can do everything by myself." "I don' need help." "I am lonely." .....
However they are wrong!!!! We can live because there are a lot of people who support us. Sometimes we cannot miss them and hurt them without noticing.

Please think about your important people and I want you to appreciate about them.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Last September, I started to work am/pm near my house so I have worked there for more than 1 year!!!I got used to work and some other new people started to work.

Sadly, before next April, a lot of workers are quitting to work...because of accession. There are many people who are 4th grade students and 2nd grade student of junior college.
One of them is my best friend from junior high school... so I am very sad. While we are working together, I don't feel tired but I can feel like playing with my friend.

Next year, a lot of new people will be hired and I will teach them about jobs.
I am afraid about that. I know there are several kinds of people but I need to be more flexible.
New worker who is boy and 1 year older than me is a good person, but he has a lot of things to learn not only about job but also general manner. He is sometimes lazy and unpolite to customer. I am irritated by that. Of course I also have a lot of things to learn but I will train him^-^

Soon, Chrismas day is coming, so my convenience store have already been decorated with a lot of Christmas ornaments. They are so cute and lovely.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Hello~♪How are you??
Thank you evryone who visited our booth☆☆☆~( ^o^)o_彡☆
We were preparing 300 frankfurts for 4 days, but!! actually, we sold more than 1600 frankfurts!! How exciting it was♪
300 frankfurts were sold out at around noon and there were a lot of happenings for 4 days(^^;
Some of circle members drove through tha Hirakata city many times to buy frankfurts, ketchup, mustard, trays for frankfurts and so on. Also, we had to exchange the money.
Unfortunatelly, we prepared 2 big frying pans, but we only could use 1 frying pan because we did not reserve enough voltages to use 2 frying pan at the same time to Gakuseikai.
Like these, we were very busy and in a hurry.
However, the more time passed, the more we got used to selling(*μ_μ)
Each days, we got about ¥30,ooo but we bought many things, so at last we got ¥50,000.
Half of them, we saved for my circle and the rest of them we will use oer party☆☆☆
I am looking forward to Nomikai ♪
In this festibal, 2nd grade students became leaders ib my circle. We prepared many things for this festibal and it was sometimes tough and difficult but through this festibal we could make our relationship more deeply. Particularly the relationship between girls and boys and between 1nd grade menbers and 2nd grade members.
I think the festibal was good chance for us^-^*~*~*

Friday, October 28, 2005

School Festival!!!!

My circle, MAXIMUM, will sell frankfurts at the school festival for 4 days!!!
We prepare a lot of things for the festival. We are working hard. We drew a lot of pictures for advertisement.
This years leader of this festival is 2nd grade atudents, so we are leaders!! I am very excited and I am looking foward to it!!! On the other hand, I am a little bit nervous... whether the festival will success or not. For 4th grade my seniors, this festival is last one for them. I want to enjoy myself of course and moreover, I want 4th grade students enjoy and make good memories. I know the another soccer circle also sell same things.... but please visit our booth:-)
I am waiting for you!! We will sell frankfurts with 90 yen, maybe.
Let's enjoy★☆★ 
I will talk about how this festival was after the festival.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Studying Abroad

     First congrtuation for everyone who passed the paper test!!( I know you still have more interview test... I will cross my fingers)
Anyway, I also really wanted to study abroad before. My parents opposed me about studying abroad before they didn't listen me, but I argued with my parents and then they agreed with me. I was so happy at that time.
In this May, I contacted with CIE and I talked with the officer at there about studying abroad. She said it was difficult for me to study aboroad with exchage, recommendation and so on becuase my score when I was 1st grade was so bad. She said if I use aknowlegement course, I can go. I was so depressed, but I know I cannot help halling into this situation. It's my fale.
Even if I couldn't pass the test, I decided to do my best for the tests. I thought about myself and I researched about studying abroad many times.
However, My enthusiasm about studying abroad was strange and low during this summer vacation. I was irritated because I couldn't find the reason why my temper was low.
Of course, I need a lot of money to study abroad. It is one of my dreams to study abroad, but I cannot find the purpose to do that. I think it is waste of time and money without reason. Before, I was thinkng that if I go abroad, I would be able to do anything. However, it was mistake. I need more skill and knowledge. I don't know whether I will study abroad or not in the future, but now, I want to do what I can do in Japan. Perhaps, I may not have courageous to study abroad, but after I came to think about study abroad like these, I could feel reflesh.
       Someone will oppose or critisize about me, but I think anyone cannot decide good or bad about this kind of things. I want to chrish my feeling at each time☆☆☆
See you:-)

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